We do what we love and we love what we do
namely growing the best tasting Satsuma Mandarins in Placer County. 



Since 1956 when our first
Owari Satsuma Mandarin tree was planted, three generations of Strubles have farmed what is now
330 citrus trees. The mandarin trees were planted on a southern slope to get as much sunlight in the Fall as possible, and to reduce the freeze potential to the citrus trees.  Our trees are on Cleopatra root stock ,which is a hardier variety of citrus that  can survive in a cooler climate.  Dwarf mandarin trees were not available at the initial planting in 1956.  



We grow and sell three different citrus crop varietals. Our signature Owari Satsuma Mandarins consist of the first harvest known for their exquisite taste and easy pealing. Depending on the weather we generally harvest them from mid November to the early January. Our second harvest varietal consists of Algerian Tangerines a cross between mandarins and navel oranges. Our final harvest begins in January with our Navel Oranges. 



We are not a certified Organic Farm, because we choose to feed the tree’s foliage with zinc, magnesium, and Iron.  Also the orchard is fertilized with Triple 15 in the Spring to feed the roots and stimulate new growth.  Pesticides are not used on the trees. Pruning is done every 3 yrs. to help the tree grow new shoots.  We irrigate with 1” of ditch water every 12 days on a rotation cycle.
The sweetness of the fruit depends on letting picked fruit set for a few days so that the starches turn to sugar, and the mandarins are ready for sale.